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Job Boards

The RIFT SUCCESS Job Boards simplify the employment process for both job seekers and employers & recruiters. Each job board has its own style and personality, but all are easy to use and can be seen by millions of job seekers and employers. Job seekers can easily look for work while waiting for a staffing agency referral, without the need to fill out long online forms. Employers and recruiters can’t pass them up because let’s face it, at $50 for a 30 day ad? Who can lose? The prices for a print media advertisement are in the ranges of $150 per week for a 15 word ad! Let’s not mention the “other” job boards, some are charging $350 per ad, not to mention the headache of posting one through their 15 page forms. Forget the headaches and hassles, advertise your job openings here at the RIFT SUCCESS Job Boards.

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